April 15, 2023

Welcome to the Mephisto Blog!

What makes Mephisto, Mephisto.

As individuals we have been working with autoflower genetics since circa 2007 when autos first hit the market, back then there was just a handful of offerings and nothing like the plethora of ‘modern’ autoflowers available today.

We’d like to think through years of research and development with our hands in the dirt, we have contributed greatly to the elevation of the quality of autoflowers that you guys can experience today!

With a wealth of experience, we put in the work to create autoflower strains from scratch using the finest photoperiod genetics we can get out mitts on, and breed them through a minimum of 4 generations before unleashing them on the market.

Now Spanning more than a decade as the brand Mephisto we’ve created upwards of 30 IBL autoflowering strains (with many currently being developed) and over 100 hybrids between our own catalogue. We’re immensely proud of the body of work we’ve created.

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