Here at Mephisto we pride ourselves on giving the highest quality and the highest quantity we can to our direct customers who we value so much.

We give auto fem freebies with all orders according to the order values set out below. We also give out extra seeds per pack which you won't get elsewhere! We change up the freebies every month; they could be from our classic lines, limited editions or exclusive strains made just for freebies!

So here are the pricebreaks and freebie numbers laid out:

  • Orders €10 - €49.99 euros (not inc. postage) = 2 free seeds

  • Orders €50 - €99.99 euros (not inc. postage) = 5 free seeds

  • Orders €100 - €149.99 euros (not inc. postage) = 7 free seeds

  • Orders €150+euros (not inc. postage) = 15 free seeds