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Aunt Ginny’s Elixir

Genetic Heritage
Jacky CBD F3.3 x Walter White (Mitch’s Pick)
Seed Type
F1 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
75 to 85 days from sprout
Project Introduction and Overview:

A brand new Medicinal project, hitting the streets like a spin-kick from Van Damme, and our first Medicinal release for three years. Fans of Breaking Bad might recognise where the name comes from; Aunt Ginny’s Elixir is a mixed ratio CBD:THC plant; she glistens with trichomes, dominant with a terpinolene and myrcene profile, creating a classic hazey, Jack Herer-like aroma, predominate with pine, with hints of orange, spice and lemon. The development of Aunt Ginny’s Elixir started with the creation of Jacky CBD, an all-CBD inbred line developed from the classic Grass-O-Matic’s Med Gom 1.0. She was bred across a total of 6 generations; the first three generations of selfing to fix the all-CBD trait, with a roughly >20:1 CBD:THC ratio, and the final three generations of selective open pollination, selecting plants for their architecture, flower density and terpenes, while also avoiding excessive inbreeding depressions. With this powerhouse of a CBD parental line, we could then use her as a breeding tool, developing further 1:1 strains using our favourite high THC varieties from across the Mephisto range. To achieve our ultimate goal of rounding out some of the features of the Jacky CBD parent and creating a more balanced and recreational smoke, we paired it with a carefully selected Mitch’s Pick cultivar of Walter White. We're confident that our dedication to quality breeding has resulted in a strain that is easy from garden to grinder to gigantic tokes.

Strain behaviour and structure:

Aunt Ginny's Elixir is a medium-large size plant with main cola dominance, she responds well to leaf tucking and training which will help her bush out to an even canopy during flower, with good internodal space making this task much easier. Vegetative growth can be slow to start, but she explodes with big healthy 7-11 fingered vivid, dark green leaves, with an almost blue sheen to them. With good resin production early on in flower, trichomes start to cover the stems and fan leaves earlier than you might expect; extractions are possible through various methods. She grows healthy and strong, a sipper rather than a gulper of both nutrients and water, pairing this with her ease of training and her resilient response to abuse and mistakes on the journey makes her a strong contender for any beginner grow.

In the weeds.

80 to 120cm
90 to 150 grams
Aroma and Flavour
Classic pine and spice, with an earthy overtone. A zing and tang of lemon freshness hits at the latter stages of growth.
An uplifting smoking experience, while the CBD provides a relaxing spin on the classic sativa effects.
A great candidate for extracts, with frost starting so early on in growth
Best Grown
Medicinal Effect
A balanced medicinal smoke, initially cerebral before settling into the body, without creating a full couch-lock style drop. High medicinal, soothing aches and pains.

Aunt Ginny’s Elixir


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Aunt Ginny's Elixir

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Aunt Ginny's Elixir

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Aunt Ginny’s Elixir

in action

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