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MG Outdoor Growers Bundle

Genetic Heritage
Alien vs Triangle, Samsquanch OG & Marley's Grin
Seed Type
F4 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
Project Introduction and Overview:

Introducing our new Outdoor Growers Bundle, featuring three premium strains that thrive in outdoor environments: Alien vs Triangle, Samsquanch OG, and Marley's Grin. Alien vs Triangle is a versatile hybrid strain that can be grown in a variety of environments. Her tendency to grow big and wide is ideally suited to the outdoors where space is no obstacle, and her open structure allows good airflow helps alleviate common issues when growing outdoors such as mould and mildew. Her robust nature also makes her an excellent choice for outdoor growers who want a reliable and low-maintenance strain that can produce a potent high, with her having tested at over 25%THC. With her salivating blend of citrus, pine & spice flavours, Alien vs Triangle is sure to delight. Samsquanch OG is a more indica-dominant hybrid strain that thrives in sunny, warm climates. She produces large, resinous buds that are perfect for outdoor growers looking to maximize their yield. She benefits from canopy maintenance, increasing airflow around her fat buds. With her strong OG aromas and flavours, Samsquanch OG is a delightful addition to any outdoor garden. Marley's Grin is a sativa-dominant cross of two very popular outdoor strains, SODK and Mango Smile. She’s branchy, tall and slender making her an ideal choice for growers looking to maximize their space. Combining diesel and fruit punch on the nose and on the smoke, she’ll take you right to flavour town and beyond, making her a great choice for the outdoor connoisseur. Our Outdoor Growers Bundle is the perfect choice for those who want to grow their own high-quality autoflowers in an outdoor environment. With three premium strains that are easy to grow and produce impressive yields, this bundle is sure to satisfy even the most discerning cannabis cultivator. Remember that every outdoor environment is unique, so while our strains are well-suited for outdoor growing, it's important to keep in mind that outdoor cultivation has a learning curve. Plants should be monitored closely whenever possible to help prevent common outdoor-related issues.

Strain behaviour and structure:

In the weeds.

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MG Outdoor Growers Bundle


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MG Outdoor Growers Bundle

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