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Skystomper 2.0

Genetic Heritage
Skywalker x Forum Stomper
Seed Type
F3 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
65 to 70 days from sprout
Project Introduction and Overview:

Skystomper was originally released as our first ever all-artisanal Limited Edition strain back in 2016. With the heavy hitting OG parentage from Skywalker and Sour Stomper, it was always a strain that was a firm favourite with our smoke buddies in the city, so much so that a stash of seeds has remained in both Mitch’s and Brad’s personal collections since then. After the overwhelming success of our first wave Reserva release, Mitch & Tim put their heads together again to concoct the second & third waves of Reserva strains for release, and Skystomper was right at the top of that list. But you know us, constantly searching for the perfect autoflowering strains, we knew that we could add more to this firm farm-favourite. For Skystomper 2.0 we’ve switched the Sour Stomper parent for its own offspring; Forum Stomper, our own version of the ever-popular Cookies. We did a few sneaky runs in any spare tent space we could find to see if we are the eccentric geniuses we think we are, and, honestly, the proof is in the pudding. The new Forum Stomper parentage now adds an extra serving of grease to this already fire strain, making her greasier than the deep fat fryer at your local chippy, the super hash plant characteristics makes this girl a primo choice for extraction work. We love it, the farm loves it, our city-dwelling smoke buddies love it, and we know you will too. This is one that exemplifies the joy of growing autos, and is a little wonder to watch truck along. From both a grower’s and a smoker's perspective, she doesn’t disappoint.

Strain behaviour and structure:

The combination of the two parents brings a nice amount of vigour, a dose of resilience, and once established she will grow quickly and open out/stretch at a good rate. Once flowering hits, she develops tight compact flowers, However she will fill in with flowers aplenty, and once trucking in flowering is virtually a resin factory, purple hues can be common but this is often disguised by the white coating of crystally snow. Along the journey, typically she’s a pretty light feeder, not asking for too much. Due to the above growth characteristics she makes a great candidate for training. Some strategic lead tucking or gentle LST will go a long way to creating a pretty stacked bush.

In the weeds.

60 to 90cm
80 to 110 grams
Aroma and Flavour
Delightful earthy, sweet flavours
Strong, euphoric buzz, mellowing out at the end.
Best Grown
Medicinal Effect
Mood enhancer, appetite stimulation

Skystomper 2.0


Because we all need some swag.

Skystomper 2.0

If you're anything like us you'll love your slaps! This is a brand new design for 2022 by a long-term community member and avid Meph_Head! This product is a single Skystomper 2.0 strain sticker. This sticker is between 3-4" (75-100mm) in size, is die-cut and printed with a glossy finish that is UV/weather resistant so is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Skystomper 2.0

/ piece

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Skystomper 2.0

in action

Photos from our beloved MephHeads.
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