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Grape Crinkle

Genetic Heritage
(Canadian Crinkle Cut x Supernatural (Exotic Genetix)) x Ripley's OG
Seed Type
F5 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
55 to 65 days from sprout
Project Introduction and Overview:

Long in development, short in the catalogue. Grape Crinkle has been, without a doubt, the hardest and longest labour of love ever at the Mephisto farm. The original aim of Grape Crinkle was to produce a mould-resistant strain for outdoor cultivation in less than perfect conditions, and we managed to stick that script with aplomb. However, one thing we just couldn’t breed for was, well, breeding. We just could never get her to produce enough seeds on a run that could satiate the worldwide demand for her. So back to the drawing board we went and finally we have enough to drop, with more in reproduction and an aim to bring her back into the catalogue full time.

Strain behaviour and structure:

Initial vegetative growth is fast and open-structured with quite wide inter-nodal distances. Trichome production begins almost immediately when the plants switch into flowering mode. Some plants develop a fat and bulbous main bud, and smaller side branches also sport a fat bud on the end. With cooler night-time temperatures purple colourations are produced, making this a striking strain. Manicuring is an absolute breeze and it's even possible to make "rosin" from the larger fan-leaves, such is the proliferation of trichomes. Flavours and aromas include mulled (spiced) wine with an "artificial" grape character and floral notes. The effect is soothing and relaxing.

In the weeds.

50 to 70cm
50 to 80 grams
Aroma and Flavour
Creamy fruit yoghurt, into artificial concentrated grape; supremely palatable, hints of flowers, mulled wine and Christmas spices.
Medicinal, smooth and balanced to soothe both body and mind.
Best Grown
Medicinal Effect
Powerful pain and stress reliever

Grape Crinkle


Because we all need some swag.

Grape Crinkle

If you're anything like us you'll love your slaps! This is a brand new design for 2022 by a long-term community member and avid Meph_Head! This product is a single Grape Crinkle strain sticker. This sticker is between 3-4" (75-100mm) in size, is die-cut and printed with a glossy finish that is UV/weather resistant so is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Grape Crinkle

/ piece

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Grape Crinkle

in action

Photos from our beloved MephHeads.
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